The Benefits of DIY Hot Yoga

The Benefits of DIY Hot Yoga

If there is one thing that the global pandemic has taught us then it is to be self-reliant. Most of us have to learn to survive without being getting any help from others. Such is the severeness of the situation that there is no other way than try and do things on own. Be it cooking or doing daily chores everything has to be managed on own. Apart from all this it is also every individual’s responsibility to be remain healthy. Only eating good will not do. One has to carry out their exercises regularly. With most of the gyms and yoga classes being suspended there remains no way out than to practice diy hot yoga at home.

Yoga has been one of the most widely practiced and one of the ancient methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the best ways to heal the body and mind. There are many forms of yoga of which hot yoga is a widely opted one. Though hot yoga should be practiced under the guidance of a teacher given the present circumstances one can also practice the same on their own. For those who are new to the practice of hot yoga can learn about the benefits first before they choose to practice it daily.

Following are some of the plus points of diy hot yoga:

Increases flexibility- If you want a flexible body then hot yoga is what can help you out. Hot yoga is practiced under very hot temperatures that usually ranges between 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is way up to around 40 to 60 percent. The warm temperature makes it easier for one to stretch the muscles. Thus it will make you more flexible.

Helps deal with stress- With so difficult times to battle it is evident that everyone is under a lot of stress. Those who have been practicing hot yoga at home for a long time now will now that there is no better stress buster than yoga. Hot yoga makes one focus on breathing more and deep breathing is key to relax and get relief from stress.

Increases lung capacity- Given that the ongoing pandemic affects the lungs it would help to try and increase the capacity of the lungs by all means. Diy hot yoga is helpful in that regard. It trains the lungs to retain more air as it is uncomfortable to breathe in a hot and humid environment. Deep breaths force the lungs to expand more which allows more oxygen to enter the blood stream and go to other organs.

Helps burn more calories- Losing weight is not an easy job especially for those who have underlying health issues like thyroid problems or a slow metabolism. Thankfully hot yoga helps deal with all that excess calories. Hot yoga helps increase the heart rate and help promote weight loss. All the heat in the room is a great calorie burner.

Hot yoga is really helpful and will make more blood rush towards the skin to keep it cool. This is a great cardio workout that gives you all round results. From a beautiful glowing skin to a fantastic body you can get it all with hot yoga.

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