Statement of Unity Vs A Career In Poker

Statement of Unity Vs A Career In Poker

With the advent of social media, all the hot topics are moving fast before they become a few years back. We have all learned the truth about the world’s longest-running image, the Statement of Unity, represented by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. However, the only thing that is not accepted by the masses is the work of the makers of this image and what has taken everything to create such a large number.

Creating a beautiful image is not only good with the size of a brick and mortar but also much more than that. Here’s a quick look at what it takes to build a good image and explain it by creating poker.

Hard work

Rome did not build a day or a stamp of unity. It takes a lot of dedication and patience to carry such a load and it works well. As in poker, developing poker skills  as a professional requires hard work and dedication from the player. It is true that every known poker player can attest to that.


Nearly 3,000 workers and 250 engineers have never said that nature is never the same as looking at the earth. Standing at 182 meters, the Statement of Unity covered many idols in the world such as the USA Declaration of Independence (93 meters), Ushiku Daibutsu of Japan (120 meters) and the Spring Temple Buddha of China (153 meters) .

It is, therefore, a symbol and determination of the staff and poker players they work with. According to some sources, the executive council has taken on the task of building a flawless system that can withstand the sands of time.

It took them about 15 months to complete the planning phase of the project, keeping in mind all the issues and weather conditions. The poker player blocks the thinking of the future and therefore, he chooses the best management of the poker maths bankroll so that nothing can hinder his progress.


History has seen the formation of famous historical symbols that contrast with the local people. The construction of the famous Eiffel Tower was opposed by the people of Paris, who believed that it would be merely a mass of metal.

However, over time, we all know the amount of admiration it receives and the same thing happens with the Unity Statement. On the other hand, in India, many players are discouraged from continuing their professional poker career but tend to rely on their self-confidence and success in the end.

In conclusion, the Unity Statement is indeed a symbol of the work and efforts of the people who made this project a reality, this is similar to what a poker player shows on felts. A place that focuses on goals, focus, and strategic thinking are the ingredients for a successful poker career or actually to create such a beautiful image.

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