Michael Saltzstein – Boost Your E-Commerce Company’s Organic Rankings Through Content Marketing

Michael Saltzstein – Boost Your E-Commerce Company’s Organic Rankings Through Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy refers to a plan companies implement for building a large targeted audience for their businesses. It involves creating, publishing, and circulating informative content relating to the enterprises’ brand products on their business websites. This content is generally in the form of blogs, podcasts, infographics, e-books, visual content, webinars, promotional emails, and social media posts.  The Internet users should find the content relevant, engaging, and interesting after going through it. Only then it is possible to convert them into loyal and permanent customers. The primary objectives of this form of digital marketing are to-

  • Enhance online customer retention,
  • Boost the business websites’ organic rankings on popular Internet search engines, and
  • Ensure a substantial increase in a lead generation which will eventually translate into sales.

Michael Saltzstein is a marketing specialist from America with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has a wealth of valuable experience in digital marketing and other fields like content marketing, brand promotion, hosting customer events, corporate insurance, and risk management. Throughout his illustrious career, he has had the privilege of holding important posts in some well-known companies in the country. These include Junior Marketing Associate, Brand Manager, Global Marketing Manager, and Vice-President. In each of these responsible positions, he successfully proves his mettle to his superiors, colleagues, and customers. In his free time, he loves playing basketball.

He explains e-commerce companies who want to dominate the market need a comprehensive content market strategy. The implementation of this plan allows these enterprises to generate a huge volume of online traffic to their business websites. This acts as a catalyst in creating brand awareness for the companies’ products among Internet users. It also improves their sites’ organic rankings on popular Internet search engines. The companies see a substantial increase in quality leading to users browsing through the content posted online. Many of them even take the initiative to place online purchase orders if the content is compelling enough to invoke them to buy the product. This results in a substantial increase in sales and revenue.


The benefits of formulating and implementing suitable content marketing strategies for e-commerce companies are as follows:

  • Builds brand visibility for the enterprises’ products among a huge online audience,
  • Strengthens the companies’ image as authoritative business leaders within the industrial sector they operate,
  • Allows the companies to cultivate a loyal and engaging online targeted audience for their businesses, and
  • Generates a large fan following for their businesses on many social media networking channels.

Michael Saltzstein concludes by saying implementing a suitable content marketing strategy can be instrumental in enabling e-commerce companies to gain a competitive edge in the market. However, there are certain factors the enterprises need to consider when formulating this plan. The companies need to have a clear idea of the online audience who will show interest in their brand products. They then need to decide on the suitable Internet and social media platforms to publish their content. Finally, the companies have to establish the key performance analytical indicators that measure their success or failure strategies!

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