How a Guardian Dentist Near Me Can Help With Dental Bridges and Crowns

How a Guardian Dentist Near Me Can Help With Dental Bridges and Crowns

One of the biggest frustrations in life is to hold back your smile because of the gaps in your teeth. This is where you should visit a good dentist to regain your dazzling smile back. Credible dental clinics accept insurance from leading providers to help you with the costs and treatment. In this way, you can feel less conscious about your smile and bounce back with confidence again.

Guardian is a leading name when it comes to dental insurance in the USA. With Guardian dental insurance, you are able to cover the costs of getting dental bridges and crowns to cover the gaps in your teeth. You can search online for a guardian dentist near me and contact the specialist to treat the gaps in your teeth at the earliest.

How do dental bridges and crowns help you?

As the name says, dental bridges and crowns are a bridge between the gaps in your teeth. Missing teeth cause these gaps. The bridge is used for filling in these spaces and replacing one or many teeth in your mouth.

What does the procedure entail?

The dental bridge needs the support of your present teeth to stay intact. Your dentist deploys dental crowns to anchor this bridge to keep it safe. In cases where your tooth decays, it can still be saved; however, most of the time, a major portion of the tooth needs to be taken out. The remaining portion that stays needs to be covered by a cap or a crown to prevent further damage. This crown is attached to the damaged tooth permanently. In this way, the appearance of the tooth improves as the color of the crown is the same as your teeth.

The dental crown and bridge look like natural teeth

In most cases, a dentist recommends a special kind of material for the dental crown or teeth so that you get a natural appearance. Generally, the most common material used for dental crowns is porcelain. Other durable materials like metal alloys or gold can be used; however, metal crowns are generally preferred for molars that are not visible.

Dentists generally recommend porcelain for a more natural appearance.


In order to get your smile back with dental crowns and bridges, you might need two visits to your dentist. The first visit entails assessing the extent of damage to the tooth and getting the correct size of the lower and upper teeth depending upon where this bridge or crown will be set. The dentist makes a mold of the teeth to be served as the basis for measuring the dental bridge or crown as the case may be.

The second visit is generally for preparing the supporting teeth for the bridge or crown. Your dentist tests the bite and asks you about any sensation felt when the new teeth are fixed. He/she will check if any adjustments have to be made of not.

Therefore, when you search online for a guardian dentist near me, you are able to regain your confidence when it comes to your smile. The dental bridge or crown ensures that you get your beautiful smile back again with success!

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